Todd Lubar, On Seeking Excellence and Valuing Client Relationships

Todd Lubar is the President of TDL Global Ventures, LLC, in addition to being the Sr. VP of Legendary Investments. Prior to his serving as President for TDL Global Ventures, he worked as a loan originator at Crestar Mortgage Corporation. He also accrued industry knowledge working in an equity position at Legacy Financial Group. Under his leadership at Legacy Financial, the Maryland office was transformed into a powerhouse, who netted 100 million dollars annually in loans, more info can be found on his page.

Todd Lubar began his foray into the world of real estate in 1995. Todd quickly learned the importance of building invaluable connections with clients. Today, he still continues to utilize a wide network of CPAs, insurance agents, and financial planners. Todd sought to learn everything there was about the real estate industry, and coupled his efforts with mortgage banking knowledge.

Mr. Lubar started Legendary Properties, LLC. a residential development company focused on purchasing and rehabilitating single-family and multi-family homes. Following his success with Legendary Properties, LLC. Todd established an affiliate, Legendary Financial LLC. Using his financial company, Todd is able to lend to companies and individuals who are bypassed by traditional lenders. Todd has over 12 years in the real estate industry, and has engaged in over 7,000 lending and real estate transactions.

In an article on yelp, 2003 was the year that Todd Lubar decided to open Charter Funding. This is a subsidiary of First Magnus Financial Corporation, which is one of the U.S.’s biggest privately held mortgage companies.

This was a business move, which allowed Todd to expand his business, thanks to an affiliation that tapped into a wealth of opportunities. Building long lasting foundations with critical business decisions, and establishing solid client relationships, has helped Todd enjoy an extraordinary career in finance and real estate.

Noting the housing crisis that has come and gone in Baltimore, Maryland, Todd has presented himself as a path of opportunity to home ownership. Mr. Lubar has taken significant efforts to offer loans and utilize his real estate experience, to assist clients in property ownership. Todd Lubar is not solely focused on real estate and lending. He also has expanded his business endeavors, picking up commercial demolition and recycling scrap metal.

Todd Lubar attended Syracuse University, where he received a bachelor’s in speech communication in 1995. He resides in Bethesda, Maryland and is a father to two lovely children. He loves spending family time with his kids and traveling.

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What Happens After One Week Of WEN Cleansing Conditioner

WEN Cleansing Conditioner, the natural hair product with a tremendous cult following, has been providing women with remarkably healthy and soft hair practically overnight since its launch a few years back. Thanks to a blend of botanical extracts and strictly plant-based ingredients, Wen Cleansing Conditioner manages to cleanse condition and detox hair that has been damaged by years of exposure to damaging chemicals.

What makes WEN Cleansing Conditioner so unique is the fact that it’s one of the very few hair products on the market that is truly free of the harsh ingredients found in most conditioners and shampoos. While the majority of hair products are full of toxic chemicals like sulfates, preservatives and unnatural fragrances, WEN keeps hair clean, shiny and soft in a totally natural way. Visit the website at

One Week of WEN Cleansing Conditioner

Emily McClure, writer for, decided that it was time to put the popular product to the test. Emily’s hair was fine, limp and lifeless when she picked up a bottle of WEN Sweet Almond Mint Cleansing Conditioner from the beauty store by her home. Determined to find a product that worked, Emily recorded the daily transformation of her hair in a hair journal.

When Emily used WEN Cleansing Conditioner on day one, her hair was noticeably different by the time it was dry. Her limp strands suddenly gained volume and her hair was extremely soft. Encouraged, Emily continued to apply WEN each day to her hair. With each application, Emily’s hair become healthier and healthier. By the end of the week, Emily’s hair was full of volume and boasted a tremendous amount of shine.

Thanks to Emily’s hair transformation, it’s clear that WEN Cleansing Conditioner really is capable of giving damaged hair a complete makeover in just a few days. If you haven’t already, it’s time to pick up a bottle from your local beauty shop such as Guthy-Renker and the QVC store.

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A Review of Financial Expert Brad Reifler’s Impressive Career

For you to secure your financial future, you need advice from experts. Brad Reifler is among financial experts who have distinguished themselves by offering pragmatic financial advice. Mr. Reifler is the founder and chief executive officer of Forefront Capital Advisors, a major financial services firm that offers expert financial guidance, investment management advice, and investment banking services to individual and corporate clients.

Under Brad’s leadership, Forefront Capital Advisors has experienced impressive growth. It serves major corporations and wealthy individuals. Its impressive client portfolio is attributed to the firm’s dedication towards offering exceptional financial solutions that meet the needs of the market.

According to Crunchbase, its revenue margins have also been growing impressively over the years. To serve its clients better, Brad Reifler recently led the inauguration of Forefront Income trust, which is an ambitious initiative that seeks to address the needs of the company’s non-accredited investors.

Before Forefront Capital Advisors launched the Forefront Income Trust program, Reifler concedes that the company was mainly focusing on accredited advisors.

This greatly limited its market reach. Shifting to the new market presents the firm with endless opportunities.

About Brad Reifler

Reifler is a renowned entrepreneur who has investments in various sectors. During his unequalled corporate and entrepreneurial career, he has helped establish and run more than 10 firms. Brad graduated from Bowdoin College with a business degree and since then, he has worked in the financial services industry.

His career spans more than three decades. His first company, Reifler Trading Corporation was established in 1982. Reifler started the company after identifying a niche in the lucrative global derivatives market.

Reifler Trading Corporation was highly successful, something that saw it acquired by Refco in a lucrative deal that equally catapulted Brad to the top echelons of the corporate world.

Consequently, he established Pali Capital, an investment firm that similarly grew rapidly to register revenues totaling nearly $200 million yearly. Under his stewardship, Pali Capital expanded its operations to Singapore, the United Kingdom, and Australia. Reifler has already managed to replicate the same success at Reifler Financial Advisors.

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Nationwide Title Clearing, Inc. and the Importance of Accuracy

Nationwide Title Clearing, Inc. was established in 1991 as a local title company that handled the needs of local clients in and around their area. Today they are one of the largest wholesale title and document processing companies in America. Eight out of ten of the major retail mortgage companies count on Nationwide for their document processing needs.


When it comes to judging just how a company like Nationwide measures up in comparison with its peers, all you have to do is measure how fast and how accurate the transmission of the documents are to the mortgage companies.


A big factor in the achievement of these stellar statistics is the training of a 570 strong workforce and their commitment and dedication to the cause. New employees go through a 3-week training program that is intense and very detailed. However, whey they go to work they are read for just about anything, as well as having the backup from trainers and supervisors along the way.


There are an additional 150 training and educational modules that employees can access on their own for purposes of gaining more knowledge and for advancement. These modules are accessed voluntarily, but at any given time 50% to 70% of the workforce is engaged with the extra study.


Nationwide is a good pace to work. Salaries are competitive, and benefits are good. For the last five out of six years, Nationwide has been recommended as one of the top 100 companies to work for as lauded in the Tampa Bay Times.


Nationwide has access to every county and jurisdiction in the United States as far as their reach in obtaining current records. Their proprietary technology allows them to fine-tune their operations by giving access to clients and by always seeking to find a better way of doing things.


John Hillman, CEO of Nationwide spoke recently on a podcast that was heard on an industry-wide meeting, and he stated that companies have to set the standard high and communicate that stance not only to their employees but also to their clients and the world at large. Then when those standards are met and even exceeded that fact needs to be communicated to all too.


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Jim Hunt Reveals The Chances Of The Little Guy

People of all sizes want to try their hand at investing. However, few people know that a lot of investors are at a disadvantage for many different reasons. It is not just that they have very little money to invest with. It is also that they have very little in options when it comes to what markets they can invest in. As a result at, people are left with very little chances in getting the success that they want from investing. Fortunately, there are a few people that are willing to open the eyes of those that are at a great disadvantage at

Among the people that are spilling the beans on the financial markets is Jim Hunt, who runs VTA Publications. He is someone that is very passionate about making sure that people get the type of knowledge they need so that they can succeed while they are investing. One thing that is certain is that different markets work for different people. Therefore, it is important that people are aware of the different markets and methods on that would be helpful to them. After all, it is important to know that buying stocks is not the only way to increase one’s own income.

One thing that Jim Hunt has done with VTA Publications was give the necessary information that makes it possible for the little guy to take his financial destiny out of the hands of the big banks. For one thing, big banks, institutions and corporations have way too much power. Jim Hunt wants to make sure that he takes the power back so that people can enjoy some kind of advantage that comes with making successful investments using VTA Publications course. Jim does everything he can to make sure that people have the chance to experience the type of advantages that come with being wealthy.

The Growth And Success Of OSI Group in 2016

Back in 1909 German immigrant, Otto Kolschowsky started a small family operated meat market in Oak Park, Illinois. Little did he know he sowed the seeds for what became a worldwide organization known as OSI Group. A century later this company has morphed to a network of meat processors which span the globe.

With headquarters located in North America, South America, Europe, and Asia, OSI Group continues to grow as leader in the food service industry. Recent acquisitions of new companies pinpoint the spiraling success of this organization.

Just recently the company expanded services with the purchase of Baho Food, a Dutch manufacturing plant that runs five processing plants in the Netherlands and Germany. They specialize in convenience foods and snacks and produce high-quality deli meats which are delivered to local restaurants and businesses. Together, Baho and OSI will expand local services.

OSI Group purchased a processing plant in Chicago, Illinois. Plans for this branch of the company include improving infrastructure, and increasing production while maintaining high-quality distribution standards. Tyson was planning on closing the plant in 2015 to streamline production. OSI stepped in saving numerous employees from losing their jobs.

Within the same year, this organization purchased a third company called Flagship Europe which distributes pies, sauces, frozen poultry items, and vacuum sealed meals. They provide customers with healthy and convenient meals to go. This addition extends the existing services OSI offers its clients.

It is these qualities that contribute to the growth and success of the organization. With the acquisition of Baho Food, Tyson Foods, and Flagship Europe OSI faces a bright and profitable future.

Sam Tabar: Investor, Attorney, And Well Traveled

Sam Tabar is someone who has lived the life that many people dreamed about. He is someone that has worked as a successful investor. This shows that he has a lot of knowledge about the financial industry. It also shows that he knows how to manage his finances.

As someone who is the Chief Operating Officer of FullCycle Energy Fund, he is in charge of many different aspects of the company. His experience working in different banks have made sure that he has the necessary skills for running a successful business. He knows what it takes in order to run a successful business.

According to Art Station, Sam Tabar has also worked as an attorney at a law firm known as Skadden, Arps, Meagher Slate & Flom. He has become one of the most trustworthy attorneys of the law firm. He has studied law at Columbia Law School where he has gotten his masters degree.

While he does have the credentials, the one thing that determines his success is how passionate and assertive he is when it comes to dealing with different cases. While studying law, he has also wrote for the Columbia Business Law Journal. He has gotten himself involved in a lot of productive activities.

Sam Tabar has served in leadership positions such as Merryl Lynch (Bank of America), and Sparx Group. He has traveled to Asia in order to work for Sparx Group.

Given his experience working for the company, he has proven that he is someone that knows how to make wise financial decisions.

Sam is also involved in philanthropic activities. Among the charitable acts that he has carried out was the founding of SheThinx, a feminine hygiene company that is geared towards the distribution of supplies to women who are in poverty.

Sam Tabar has a heart for people that are struggling because of circumstances beyond their control.

Bring Your Own Mechanic to Beverly Hills Auto Group

If you’ve ever dreamed of owning a BMW, then you need to get down to Beverly Hills Auto Group. They will get you set up and pre-approved in just three easy steps. Buying a pre-owned BMW will mean that you can afford it more easily thanks to the better price and you won’t lose a bunch of money due to depreciation. You can also score lower insurance rates.

The staff at Beverly Hills Auto Group is not pushy and you will see that they stand out from the other guys. All of the vehicles at Beverly Hills Auto Group will pass any mechanical or safety check and you can even bring in your own mechanic-they are that confident in their vehicles. Now that’s confidence.


The Art Of Design And Dressing With Fabletics

There are many different personal styles when it comes to fashion. There is the business style, the sporty style, the conservative style, and even the casual style. However, there is one type of personality and style that seems under served in all of the fashion industry. It is the artistic personality and style. This is actually quite tragic and ironic. For one thing, there are quite a few artistic people. Another thing is that fashion in and of itself is an art form. There is a lot of thought and creativity that goes into the design of clothing. For one thing, the designers have to figure out a good balance between necessity and aesthetics.


For one thing, sports and physical activity do not have to be kept away from creativity. As a matter of fact, it is not uncommon for artistic people to be in great physical shape. As a matter of fact, some artistic people may approach many different aspects of life in an artistic fashion. They may approach athletic activities in an artistic manner. Therefore, it is only fitting that designers create clothes in order to celebrate the creativity of the artistic.


One thing that Fabletics does is cater to the artistic among others when it comes to athletic activities. Therefore, people can enjoy their own unique sense of style while they are participating in different activities of fitness. Also, Fabletics provides clothes that are good for wearing in social occasions. Often times, the clothes that are offered are clothes that can be worn out on dates and with the intention of meeting people.


When one is well dressed, she will experience a huge difference in her self perception. This self perception can be brought to sports and other forms of athletic activity. The leaders of this company believe that everyone should be able to explore their own sense of self. Therefore, people have a choice of the cut, the fit, and even the size of the clothes they could buy and show off to their friends.

Bernardo Chua Making Career Headlines In Social Media

Bernardo Chua is a businessman that was born in the Philipines. He began his business career in Canada. Men and women that begin small and grow their business models to peak size are more apt to continue on the right path to wealth and notoriety.

Mr. Chua took a small business idea and created an empire that is not only making him money but is also helping others with their health issues. Chua took a single type mushroom and began treating issues such as gout and psoriasis. The mushroom and its miracle treatment of specific issues are creating a buzz on social media and the world.

The Organo Gold Business is the business that took Bernardo Chua over the edge. He began his small company with only three employees. Those three employees did everything from creation to distribution until Chua increased to include distributors.

He found the Lingzhi Mushroom and began to run experimental tests. The tests conclusions were positive. The Ganoderma Lucidium herb was full of potential and healing potential.

According to Zoom Info, Bernardo Chua eventually learned of the health benefits that could change the world. The herbs were easy to add in teas and coffee beverages. It is very healthy and good for things such as Cholesterol and to remove toxins from the body. Ganoderma Lucidium Herb also helped with Chua’s decision to move to California.

The position of manager of Gano Excel was a real break and a dream come true for him and his family. Chua took all of his expertise and brought it into the business to create a wonderfully healthy addition to anyone and their diets.

Twitter, Facebook, and other social media sights are busy buzzing about the confidence and creative ventures for this company and Chua. Bernardo is seeking recognition for his contributions to the treatments of disabilities such as Gout, Diabetes, and Cholesterol.

Drinking a small amount each day can and will make a difference in anyone.