Securus Technologies: The Innovations and Threats of Drones and How Securus Is Addressing Its Challenges

Securus Is Addressing Its Challenges

There are so many technological issues that have been happening lately, and those who can keep up with the changes would be able to get ahead and get an advantage over the competition. In the industry of technological advances in security and communications, one company is leading forward regarding innovation, and this is Securus Technologies.

Right now, it’s the leading company that’s able to offer a drone pilot program in correctional facilities. This is an innovation and, this will not go uncontested, but the fact that it is here, I think this means that there will be so many new changes in prison security that may eventually be inevitable. It is only the aim of Securus Technologies to make use of the latest innovation in tech to provide the security for all the employees in correctional facilities as well as the inmates itself. Securus has been a leading firm for years already in the industry of solutions for public safety, government payment services, and investigations. The drone detection program it is implementing today would be a great addition to its already fantastic array of services.


The Drone Threats

With drones carrying weapons and drugs and cellphones to be dropped off in prisons, it’s a significant threat to know that the prisons today are facing these new challenges unheard of before. With this, Securus Technologies is catching up and making sure that they can monitor the threats and address them. Securus is now investing in a lot of money, about millions of dollars, to stop this threat from escalating. There are now new drone detection programs from Securus that can make sure that the threats of those malicious drones can be abated or even wholly eradicated. The drone detection system of Securus uses what is called a Digital Antenna Structure, which is similar to the previous Wireless Containment Solutions of Securus that have been successfully implemented to stop the threats of contraband items from getting inside the prison.


The Awards

With this drone addition to its services, it is also exciting that Securus Technologies is now recognized with a series of awards for the quality delivery of its products and customer service. It is nice to know that the consistent records and entrepreneurial risks of Securus Technologies have paid off by winning the 2018 Stevie Awards for Sales and Customer Service. In the awards ceremonies where Securus has been nominated, there are about 2,000 nominations in virtually every industry. I also believe that the great contribution of Securus Technologies is to make sure that there’s more safety in the correctional facilities and more security in the employees that work there. With the drones and the awards that Securus Technologies has received, I think that the best deals and days of the company are already here. Fortunately, I believe there’s still more to the company than what it currently successfully offers.

The Power Of Securus Technologies In Improving U.S. Correctional Facilities

Technology helps and empowers companies and individuals. Without the powerful, convenient and improved technology we have right now, we probably wouldn’t be able to reach the achievement and success that our entire world experiences. I think this drive to tap technology to change the lives of others and improve the systems of the world is what’s driving Securus Technologies in innovating solutions to the correctional facilities in the United States.


Securus Technologies, Inc is the brainchild of CEO Rick Smith and is right now a leading provider of various innovative solutions to all the problems of correctional facilities. Securus’ headquarters operates in the main district of Dallas, Texas, and you can find its four fully functional regional offices in the metro area of Dallas, while one regional office of Securus is in Atlanta, Georgia.


I think it’s impressive that Securus Technologies can provide the best parolee tracking, government information management solutions and detainee communications for the approximately 2,600 correctional facilities all across the United States and overseas, including Mexico and Canada. I also think that the actual test of success that Securus Technologies delivers the quality services expected of them is the feedback it receives from satisfied clients involved in law enforcement communities and corrections.


The Customers Show Their Satisfaction

I think it’s impressive to know that the people affected by the solutions from Securus actively demonstrate their gratitude. In the PRNews article, a collection of email and messages between Securus’ clients and the company show that there’s a lot of positive changes in the lives of the people because of the LBS software that Securus has.


By emailing Securus of how their software considerably improved their lives, client’s comments also confirmed that the customers who were able to use the criminal justice technology suite of Securus are satisfied. They’re also grateful of how its programs prevented crimes and helped in the investigation of cases inside the correctional facilities.