Betsy Devos’ Growth In Her Journey Towards Supporting Educational Reforms In America

Betsy DeVos was raised in a philanthropic family and grew to nurture a humanitarian family of her own with the backing of her husband, Dick DeVos. She attended Calvin College and became engaged in various philanthropic acts and political campaigns. After thirty years, Betsy is still heavily involved in the same areas, with a history of leading many organizations, serving on committees, and acting as the chairperson of the Michigan Republican Party at one point. Additionally, she regularly funds promising schools by donating resources and writing their annual checks.

Among the many hats that Betsy wears are chairman of the Windquest Group, a family-owned enterprise that invests in clean energy, technology and manufacture and her administrative roles in non-profit foundations. She is the chairman of her organization, Dick, and Betsy Family Foundation, and serves on the council of members of Foundation for Excellence in Education, Kids Hope USA, Mars Hill Bible Church, and Arts Management at the Kennedy Center. Betsy leads the American Federation for Children and Alliance for School Choice as chairman. Betsy has an avid and active passion in educational reforms through charity and political movements and sat down with Philanthropy Roundtable to share her insights on the journey. Read more about their foundation at

Betsy’s first interest in educationally inclined philanthropy started when her kids were students at Potter’s House Christian School. Together with her husband, they began supporting special children who had a promising future but were stifled by the lack of fees. Their efforts slowly grew into the present gigantic handouts they give to various schools, including Potter’s House. In the 90s, Betsy and her husband attempted to campaign for the passing of the first charter school bill in the state and failed miserably. The hurdle did not stop them, and Betsy set up Great Lakes Education Project to support the growth of charter schools in Michigan. After gaining increased support for her efforts through the organization, she started American Federation for Children to effect change on a national level. Currently, the foundation has made possible the adoption of new educational programs in Ohio, Louisiana, Florida, Arizona, New Hampshire, Mississippi, Virginia, and Pennsylvania. By 2011, the programs were 40,000 in a count nationally.

Betsy Devos presently serves as the 11th secretary of the United States after President Donald Trump nominated her for the post. Betsy believes that all children should have access to the same quality of education despite their ZIP codes. Betsy will work in close collaboration with the current president to ascertain the advancements of these reforms in every state. By advocating for the change of the educational management system, states and counties will be in direct control of the educational settings. This change will customize the education to fit each locality and put kids on a better path to manifest their educational dreams. Read her interview with Philanthropy Table.

George Soros the Kind Investor

George Soros is a billionaire investor who fled his birth country Hungary and enrolled himself at the London School of Economics. While working odd jobs, he launched his career in finance at a merchant bank. In 1969, he began his own Hedge Fund now known as Quantum fund in New York with a capital of about $12 million. Currently, he is one of the richest Hedge Fund managers. He is also famous for breaking the Bank of England after he shortened the British pound making notable profits. Over the years, the Hungarian remains a serious investor with his net worth of $25.2 B and the founder of Soros Funds Management that aids in all his investments. Read more on CNBC about George Soros.

The 85yr old has keen interest in politics evident when he supported President Obama. He has always been vocal in expressing his views in active politics by being a great political giver. George Soros spent millions in 2004 for the downfall of George W. Bush due to his political policies and the Iraq war at that time and most recently on the Hillary Clinton campaign for the presidency in 2004 where the stakes were exceptionally high than ever before. He donated over $25 million not only for Hillary but other Democratic candidates and their causes. His biggest donation so far was the $7 million he gave to a PAC called Priorities USA Action that supported Hillary. Others include $2 million to America Bridge a research PAC, $5 million to a super PAC that devoted to increasing turnout among low voters and $5 million to a nonprofit that fights efforts to restrict voting.

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Soros, who appears 29th position on the worlds Billionaires list is also generous on international welfares. After the 2004 elections, he realized he was giving too money much for political benefits and said he would avoid such donation in future. That’s when he started giving to the nonprofit foundations his agenda being to defend human rights, good health care to people and good education for the less privileged. Having given so much for political gains, he said he is out to balance that and has over $13 billion donations for a good cause all over the world. Visit to know more about George.

Dick DeVos and his Hard Work

Dick DeVos is many things including a American entrepreneur, a businessman, a family man, as well as a philanthropist who has shown the public that one can be successful while helping others and helping communities through many donations as well as through many initiatives. Dick DeVos is a member of the DeVos family, a family known for its prominent business as well as their involvement with many philanthropy organizations as well as many political organizations. As one of the richest families in the world, the DeVos family has used this wealth to their advantage in order to give back to communities that need opportunity and investment.

Dick DeVos, as the son of Richard DeVos, is currently following in the footsteps of his father to not only become a successful individual, but to donate much of his self-made wealth to worthy organizations. Dick DeVos is a rare individual who has known exactly what he has wanted to do ever since he was a young boy. Dick DeVos has fond memories of playing with his brother in the basement of his family home which once served as the headquarters for Amway Corporation. Dick DeVos, even before entering college knew that he wanted to follow his father and make a name for himself as well as a long-lasting legacy far into the future.

Dick DeVos officially started working with Amway Corporation in 1974, right after Mr. DeVos graduated from college with a degree in business administration. With this degree and with his position with Amway, Mr. DeVos was able to climb his way up the ladder. Within the next ten years of his career, Dick DeVos held multiple executive positions within the different sectors of the company. Ten years after joining the company, Dick DeVos finally proved himself enough that he earned the title as the vice president who was in charge of international sales.

During this position as vice president, Dick DeVos was in charge of the international sales in over 18 different countries all over the world.This success eventually lead to Mr. DeVos’ position as the CEO of the company where he demonstrated not only the natural talent that he has for business, but also demonstrated his leadership skills within the company of Amway Corporation.