Sawyer Howitt, The Young Entrepreneur

Sawyer Howitt is a senior in his second semester. He has his mind entirely focused on his school work, internships, finance, and entrepreneurship. He has majored in artistry and analytics which help him push his job. At a tender age, he is capable of understanding and handling the operations and financial needs of business, and how to develop a good relationship with clients. Sawyer Howitt can handle just any task, from the cumbersome spreadsheet to filling of documents and taking notes in crucial meetings; he can take directly any job.

The width of Sawyer Howitt’s expertise is diverse and vast. Even though he is young, Sawyer Howitt has guided an array of charitable organizations whose aim is to help champion the rights of women and educational funding. He has been on the forefront on the groups of ethnic studies, assisted in the mentoring of youths that are troubled and held some internship in administrative.

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Sawyer Howitt is currently a senior in high school where he is determined to pursue a degree in Entrepreneurial Finance at the University of Columbia and is on the way to assist businesses, and other entrepreneurs grow in a positive way. When Sawyer Howitt is not in the office, Sawyer spends his time by Oregon River tossing a fly to trout’s or encouraging the Portland Trail Blazers, while keeping up to tabs with the trending music, health and culture and how they interact with bossiness worldwide.

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