Three Tips For A Stress-Free Party

Planning a party should be a fun experience rather than stressful. There are plenty of event planners in NYC who are ready to help with your party, but the responsibility can still feel overwhelming. Your event is sure to run smoothly when you follow these three tips for a stress-free party.


Stay Organized: Organization is the key to planning a successful party. It is recommended to put together a folder or binder of everything that needs to be taken care of before the big day. You want to start with a master to-do list, which may include tasks such as mailing out invitations and contacting the caterer. Your shopping list should include all the supplies, decorations and even food you need for the party. You should also make a guest list with their contact information, RSVPs and food allergies or dietary restrictions.


Serve Simple Appetizers: It is easier to serve food when you stick with simple appetizers rather than a full meal. This also makes it easier for your guests to sample flavors and mingle with other guests. You can serve tasty appetizers such as cherry tomatoes and basil, bruschetta with buffalo mozzarella and warm Marcona almonds topped with sea salt.


Give Yourself an Hour: It is important to take an hour to yourself before your guests are due to arrive. Use this hour to freshen up, clear your mind and get ready to greet your guests. Giving yourself an hour makes a big difference when you are hosting your own party.


There are times when you need personal or corporate event planners in NYC to help with your party. Twenty Three Layers is qualified to plan events ranging from banquets to corporate functions. The company specializes in tasks such as venue selection, custom printing, catering and hiring entertainment. You can even hire them for decorating services such as lighting and floral design. The team works hard to ensure you are prepared to host your party.


Staying organized, keeping it simple and giving yourself time to relax are essential for planning a stress-free event, and it never hurts to enlist in the experience of professional event planning companies in NYC.