Mark McKenna’s Success in the Medical Aesthetics Industry and His New Venture- OVME

Mark McKenna, MD, MBA, is a real estate investor and a passionate medical practitioner whose specialty is in surgery and medicine. He is the CEO of OVME, an elective healthcare firm that is keen on exploiting technological avenues to improve the overall healthcare sector. The graduate of Tulane University Medical School was recently a guest of Ideamensch where he answered several questions about his profession, investment career, and life in general.

How He Started & How He Keeps Going

A decade in the medical aesthetics industry was all Dr. McKenna needed to gather the experience he needed for private practice. He told Ideamensch that after realizing that there was a gap in the industry and that he could comfortably fill, he established OVME earlier this year. To get the firm on its feet, he is making lots of sacrifices including starting work as early as 6.30 and working late into the night. Despite his busy diary, however, the good doctor never lacks time for his daughter in the morning and his Jitsu-Jitsu training in the evening. He also mentioned that his ideas materialize because he sets his goals clearly and goes ahead to visualize them beforehand. Mark is also a man who loves to think about ideas and meditate alone and in a quiet place.


About his entrepreneurship, Dr. McKenna said that reading far and wide has been instrumental in his growth this far. He noted that he never categorizes jobs as either good or bad because, in his view, he always works for himself. He, however, admitted that he could have messed-up a few things along the way, particularly as a result of rushing. He told Ideamensch that if he got a chance to walk down his career path afresh, he would take time in identifying and nurturing his passions. According to him, young people should avoid rushing at the expense of direction.

About Mark

Dr. Mark McKenna is licensed as a medic by the Louisiana State Board of Medical Examiners and other bodies of that nature including in Florida and Georgia States. He is also an active philanthropist in the said regions.

Besides medicine, Mark also invests in real estate and mortgage markets. He is a senior executive at McKenna Venture Investments, a real estate development firm based in New Orleans.