Bob Reina – article recap

In an effort to enhance live meetings and presentations, Talk Fusion’s founder Bob Reina recently introduced a new and sophisticated real-time communication Talk Fusion software application.


This improved software provides many benefits for users, including its simple for beginners to use and enables users to communicate by voice using an updated browser, and it’s compatible for both Live Meetings and Video Suite users.


Some other benefits of the new Talk Fusion software include:


Improved Product Capabilities


The new product is beneficial for both everyday computer users as well as marketers. In fact, now Live Meetings users can transfer one-way videos and hold video-based conferences in a smooth, convenient manner, and it supports up to 500 participants via their PC, tablet, or smartphone.


Modern Application and Updated Interface


The latest version of Talk Fusion also provides sharp video and clear audio, which improves the overall experience by making it easier to use, and it also maximizes security for users. Users now also benefit from “waiting rooms” that enable participants to test the system and prepare for presentations before others can hear or see them.


 Unmatched WebRTC Technology


WebRTC enables users to communicate by voice without having to download other software.

Instead, users gain access through their web browser, which improves compatibility, increases convenience, and saves time. Furthermore, WebRTC’s intelligent system improves efficiency and eliminates inconveniences, which means installation, processing, and download delays won’t hinder new users from joining conferences as scheduled.


Bob Reina’s Talk Fusion is currently the first company to enable WebRTC-based conferences with 500 or more attendees. In fact, the firm’s Video Chat software has also begun using WebRTC and even won a WebRTC award for the best software based on the application’s ability to use WebRTC in a creative manner.


Since the beginning, it has been Bob Reina’s goal to provide effective, new ways to help people enhance their lives with the use of cutting-edge video marketing products. In fact, of all the people who’ve reported success with his products, his only interest has been how Talk Fusion improved their lives. Bob Reina is also involved with giving back to various nonprofits and has since donated more than $1 million to improving the lives of people all over the world. Learn more:¬†