Tony Petrello’s Leadership Experience In Nabors Industries

After any disaster, residents can realize which companies are more interested in caring for the people apart from just making profits. In 2017 when Hurricane Harvey hit Houston and the surrounding areas of Texas several homes and properties got destroyed. Various businesses within Houston stepped up to assist after the disaster. Such companies include the Houston Food Bank, H-E-B as well as the Nabors Industries.

Since a friend in need is a friend indeed, Tony Petrello, the Chief Executive of Nabors Industries has cultivated a culture that minds so much about the people in need and especially within the surrounding community. Evidently, at the time when Hurricane Harvey destroyed the city, Nabors Industry workers offered relief efforts. As a result, the company compensated them for the time they were off duty as a sign of appreciation for their services. It is also in the public domain that Nabors Industries carries out various community development activities such as fundraising and organizing special events. During spare time, the workers of the company would visit the local fitness center for a workout and sometimes they would take coffee in Naborhood Café. Petrello is proud of the culture embraced by his team, and he looks forward to serving them better moving into the future.

Tony Petrello is familiar among those that follow charitable events as well as philanthropy in Houston. He is a guy that takes social responsibility seriously by demonstrating it regularly. Houston is the epicenter of his philanthropic focus and efforts in spite of the fact that he is initially from New Jersey. He enjoys donating generously with his wife Cynthia whom he met in college. Also, Tony and Cynthia are passionate about the promotion of education. The Yale University graduate interacted with Professor Serge Lang who became his mentor and had a positive impact on him. Professor Lang was a renowned author and a respected mathematician.

Anthony attended Harvard University where he obtained J.D degree from Harvard Law School. Also, he acquired MS and BS degrees in Mathematics from Yale University. In 1979, Petrello’s professional journey started from Baker and McKenzie law firm. He was the Managing Partner of the firm’s New York office from 1986 to 1991. He then Joined Nabors industries in 1991 as Chief Operating Officer and became president of the company in 1992. Until June 2012, he served as the Deputy Chairman of Nabors Industries since 2003. Besides, Tony Petrello served as Director of, and he is the Director of Texas Children’s Hospital.


Todd Lubar of life and his journey into mortgage banking

Entrepreneur and businessman are the two words that describe Todd Lubar. This genius business mind is not a president to one but two institutions: the TDL Ventures, LLC, and the Senior Vice President of Legendary Inv. Mr. Todd Lubar have been in the real estate industry for more than twenty years. He is guided by the need to help others actualize dreams of becoming homeowners.

The interviewer started out by asking what the inspiration behind TDL Ventures was. 20 years of work in the finance department, he says. He felt saddened by the fact that people could not get access to loans that would help them realize their dreams of being homeowners. It was then that he decided to create a company that would make the whole loan process a little more comfortable for people.

Asked what his day looked like, Todd said ( that his day is pretty much like everyone. He starts it off by having breakfast with his family. He then checks his Facebook, mail and keeps up with the day’s news, goes for a quick workout session and then heads out to work.

For Todd being energized and motivated is key. One has also to be passionate about what they pursue in life. He also encourages those who wish to start or grow their businesses to invest more in enhancing trust and communication in their workplaces.

Todd was born and raised in Washington. He attended the Washington Sidwell Friends School and later The Peddie School in New Jersey. In 1995 he graduated with a speech communication B.A from Syracuse University. In the same year, he took up a job at Crestar Mortgage Corp. In 1999, he left Crestar and went to work at Legacy Financial.

He much later, in 2005, moved the company after he was offered the senior vice president position in Charter Funding. Todd also worked for the Maryland Legal Financial, his diligence and hard work helped double the company’s earnings within a very short span of time. Mr. Lubar in 2007 joined the Priority Financial services fraternity. This position, he says, reignited the mortgage banking passion in him. Read more about Todd on

Limecrime, Brought To You In Color, By Doe Deere

Doe Deere is an ambitious entrepreneur who started her own line of cosmetics called, “Limecrime”, after realizing that, the only makeup colors available for purchase, at the time, were all, basically dull, and natural looking.

A year later, in 2009, Doe launched her first successful product called, “Unicorn Lipsticks” and continued adding more products to her cosmetic line, all having bright and vivid colors, are cruelty-free, and vegan certified. Not to mention, that Doe and her employees, always test-wear the products themselves, before offering them to the public. Limecrime now has fan followings from all over the world.

What Makes Doe One Of The Best Role Models For Women Entrepreneurs?

After her success, Doe wanted to assist and mentor other women, who were also aspiring entrepreneurs, and so she began speaking at public events that included Vegas Nay’s Stardust Tours, as well as, PHAMExpo, and more, as she wants to be a good role model for other women just joining the business world. In 2016, Self-Made Magazine recognized her efforts and named Doe Deere, a top woman inspiring, Entrepreneur.

How Limecrime Got its Name

In 2004, before she created her makeup chain, Doe used Limecrime as the name of her DIY fashion line, eBay account than in 2008, it became her cosmetics line. She chose the name because lime-green is her favorite color, and, “crime,” came from the concept that, she wanted to create makeup, and nail polishes so bright and vivid, that they may as well be illegal to wear… also, it rhymes with lime.

An Artistic, Imaginative And Colorful Child, With A Little Bit, Entrepreneur

Doe Deere was born and raised in Russia. When she was 17, Doe moved to New York, where she majored in fashion design while attending FIT. Now, Doe resides in Los Angeles California.

As a child, Deere was artistic, very imaginative, and heavily into colors including paints, clothing, accessories, and her mom’s makeup, she often wore.

Doe claims, that she always had some entrepreneur in her, matter-of-fact, at 13, she started a business selling temporary tattoos, but her dream to become a musician, came true when she moved to New York and joined a band, which was also how she met her husband, who was a fellow band member ( During her time with the band, Doe learned a lot about marketing, which she utilized to start Limecrime.

Helping To Save The Animals

Because Doe has three cats, including two that she rescued, she claims that helping animals is a cause that remains close to her heart, and donates regularly to Bide-A-Wee, which is a non-killing animal shelter in New York that assists animals that have been abandoned by rehoming and rehabilitating them. Learn more:

Doe’s Mission

Doe’s mission is to prove cosmetics don’t only conceal imperfections, but they are also a form of self-expression as well as freedom.