Norka Luque: a Brilliant Venezuelan Artist

The music industry has grown tremendously over the years recording high numbers of talented artists from distinct walks of life. Most of the artists have inspiring stories, passion and characters while others are surrounded with lots of controversies. One of the musicians that have made an amazing and huge impact in creating positivism within the music industry is Norka Luque. She is a Venezuelan nationalist and currently resides in Miami, Florida. Norka discovered her singing talent at a very tender age. Fortunately, she had supportive guardians who allowed her to join musical training classes that entailed piano, ballet, flamenco and voice practice.

Her Education and Music Career

Academic wise, Norka Luque is well established. She was a committed and dedicated student and eventually received high honors Degrees in business administration, fashion, culinary arts and marketing. Although studies were significant in her life, music was her true calling. While pursuing her studies in France, Norka joined the Bad Moon Rising band, a band group that performed frequently in most of the French dance clubs.

In 2007, Norka attended the Ricky Martin concert and this got her inspired. It is at this time that she resolved to relocate to the United States. Ricky Martin was her role model since childhood and he represented the type of hits that Norka loved. Upon moving to Miami, she was hired by one of the prominent dance clubs situated along the Miami strip. With an appealing voice, Norka developed her own unique Latin style that made her recognized as a great singer.

The Next Big Step in Norka’s Career

The word spread quickly along Miami strip that Norka had the voice that Emilio Estefan was searching for. Emilio Estefan is a legendary and renowned music producer in charge of Miami sound machine. Emilio invited Norka to his studios and upon listening to her voice he was perfectly convinced that Norka had what it takes to be a musician. He immediately signed a contract with her and this was the turning point for Norka luque’s career. Since then, Norka has been working under the direction of Emilio and this has bore amazing results. In 2011, she released her first single that was rated on the top of the Billboard Charts curve. Through her songs, Norka has managed to give hope to the hopeless that one day they will have a breakthrough.

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“Magic Mike” Role Shows Crystal Hunt Is Still Moving Forward In Her Career

Crystal Hunt is known by many in the world of TV and movies for her powerful performances in many different roles that she has been creating since she was a teenager. In recent years, Crystal Hunt has taken her performances to many different genres and media as she continues on her impressive journey to the top of the acting profession; Hunt has become a reality TV star with the “Queens of Drama” show and conquered the movie industry with a featured role in “Magic Mike: XXL”.

Despite working consistently throughout her career Crystal Hunt remains best known for her soap opera performances in “Guiding Light” and “One Life To Live”. The Clearwater, Florida native had already worked with Disney and on major public service announcements when she arrived on the set of “Guiding Light” to create the role of Lizzie Spaulding, which would see her nominated for a Daytime Emmy. The need for new challenges has been a constant theme in the career of Crystal Hunt who left “Guiding Light” after only three years as Lizzie Spaulding. Hunt would return to the soap opera industry soon after and take on the iconic role of Stacy Morasco, which could not have been further from that of her earlier soap incarnation.

After leaving “One Life To Live” Crystal Hunt developed a number of different career choices for herself, including the opening of a pet boutique in Clearwater.  In the movie industry Crystal Hunt has taken a major role in the “Magic Mike” franchise and also sought to develop her career as a producer with the movie “Talbot County”.