OSI is Growing to the Top of the Business World

OSI Group is known for being a Dutch manufacturer of snacks, convenience foods and deli meats that are serving in the retail segments and food services world. Currently, the company has been known to have acquired Baho foods. At the moment Baho foods amazingly 5 subsidiaries that they hold with processing plants that are located both in the Netherlands and in Germany.The Baho foods managing director happens to be none other than John Balvers along with his team of managers that happens to remain part of the business and also works with OSI executives to help them develop a growth strategy that will help combine both of the newly developed companies. Mr. Balvers has stated that he is very excited about becoming part of the OSI’s group’s larger team. He has stated that he is very excited to see the 2 teams come together and to see their strengths be combined so that they can better support their customers and help their customers to better realize their best strategies. Along with helping them with their strategies he is also excited about being able to help their customers receive a broader product portfolio.

For many years now, the OSI group has been known as being one of the largest suppliers of meat products in the U.S foodservice operators. Their company is able to produce a huge menu of meat products that happens to include a huge variety of pork, beef, and many different poultry items. One restaurant that the company is widely known for working with happens to be non-other than McDonald’s. This is one of the companies that they work with that they happen to be a huge beef supplier for. OSI happens to work with over 60 production facilities that are located in over 16 different countries. The different branches of the company are located in Europe, the United States and also in China.

The company states that they cannot run a company that happens to be a one size fits all operation, due to the fact of them liking to run a company that can suit more than just one company. There are several different factors that go into how the company likes to run itself, those happen to be; cultural differences, government regulations and also a talent pool can affect how the company likes to run itself. In the company, there happens to also be a list of considerations that happens to include, how the customer’s taste buds affect how the company is run. The headquarters for the company is located in Aurora and the company is currently able to serve many different companies in China. These companies happen to include Starbucks, McDonald’s, Subway and Burger King. This is one industry that for sure plans on taking things to the next level of the business world.

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