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Entrepreneurs have changed in the recent times. They are not whatever they used to be in the old times. In the traditional setting, being a businessman simply meant that an individual was going into this department just so that they could be their own boss. However, millennial generations do not consider this to be reason enough to venture into business. A study shows that most people in their fifties ventured into business so that they could become their own bosses, but those in their twenties had completely different reasons. It is possible for young people to become successful if their decision embrace several traits. According to, agood entrepreneur, especially in the modern times, will have the following traits:


Persistence is considered to be one of the most important traits for investors, reveals Todd Lubar. Without this, it will be difficult to survive these markets. When a business is still new, there will be very many roadblocks in the way, and persistence will come in handy. The people who do not give up easily when in business when they set their eyes on trouble will have the potential to become successful. These individuals will be patient enough, and they will even find the way to solve the challenges that come their way. They will also accept the outcome and move to other challenges in the future.


If you are keen on the most successful entrepreneurs and investors, you will realize that they like looking for solutions to the problems that are affecting them personally. These people choose this path because they understand that living with the problem will only be resulting to personal pain. Having this kind of dedication when carrying out the business operations, will lead to success.

Modestly Self-Assured

As a modern businessperson like Todd, you need to be extremely strong in your convictions of the way you are conducting your activities. When you realize that you have made a mistake, you need to know when to take a different route so that you do not end up with loses. Always leave your pride aside when in business because you will need to ask questions from other people. The opinions you will get from other individuals will help your business to forge ahead. For more tips, visit Todd Lubar’s Linked In account and Instagram.

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