Fabletics Growth and Success

Activewear is becoming more and more popular. Women love to be comfortable while running around town with the kids or living their active lives. The only problem with activewear is that it’s not always stylish. Women want to be comfortable, but they also want to look good.


Kate Hudson’s Fabletics brand is quickly taking over the activewear market. In fact, in just three years the company has grown to be a $250 business. They only have sixteen physical stores at the moment, but the business is growing through its strong online presence and wonderful products. Fabletics is reaching the modern consumer by making the clothes unique, recognizable, and their membership style of selling keeps prices down and customers coming back for more.


Another reason Fabletics has seen such great success is their reverse showroom method of selling. 30 – 50% of the people that walk into the physical stores are already Fabletics members. Another 25% becomes members when they visit the store. This allows the customers to have the exact same prices available online. Many companies lose business when customers find their items online for a cheaper price, but people who have Fabletics don’t have that problem.


Surprisingly, Kate Hudson had no business experience before she got involved with Fabletics. She worked as an actress and virtually walked off the set of Almost Famous and into the boardroom. Fabletics was born in 2013 as a collaboration between Ms. Hudon, TechStyle Fashion Group, Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg. The idea was to create a stylish and affordable activewear brand different from anything else on the market. Kate Hudson believed in the product, and I think all of us can picture her actually wearing her own line. She didn’t want to be involved in something that wasn’t authentic to her, and she stayed heavily involved in every aspect of the business from the beginning.


If you’re not already a member, it’s time to become one! If you don’t know where to start, definitely take the Fabletics Lifestyle quiz to see what articles in the collection will suit your needs the best.

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