Todd Lubar of life and his journey into mortgage banking

Entrepreneur and businessman are the two words that describe Todd Lubar. This genius business mind is not a president to one but two institutions: the TDL Ventures, LLC, and the Senior Vice President of Legendary Inv. Mr. Todd Lubar have been in the real estate industry for more than twenty years. He is guided by the need to help others actualize dreams of becoming homeowners.

The interviewer started out by asking what the inspiration behind TDL Ventures was. 20 years of work in the finance department, he says. He felt saddened by the fact that people could not get access to loans that would help them realize their dreams of being homeowners. It was then that he decided to create a company that would make the whole loan process a little more comfortable for people.

Asked what his day looked like, Todd said ( that his day is pretty much like everyone. He starts it off by having breakfast with his family. He then checks his Facebook, mail and keeps up with the day’s news, goes for a quick workout session and then heads out to work.

For Todd being energized and motivated is key. One has also to be passionate about what they pursue in life. He also encourages those who wish to start or grow their businesses to invest more in enhancing trust and communication in their workplaces.

Todd was born and raised in Washington. He attended the Washington Sidwell Friends School and later The Peddie School in New Jersey. In 1995 he graduated with a speech communication B.A from Syracuse University. In the same year, he took up a job at Crestar Mortgage Corp. In 1999, he left Crestar and went to work at Legacy Financial.

He much later, in 2005, moved the company after he was offered the senior vice president position in Charter Funding. Todd also worked for the Maryland Legal Financial, his diligence and hard work helped double the company’s earnings within a very short span of time. Mr. Lubar in 2007 joined the Priority Financial services fraternity. This position, he says, reignited the mortgage banking passion in him. Read more about Todd on

Cameron Clokie Has Done Great Work In Canada

There are individuals who make a difference in the way that they work and the way that they handle their career. Cameron Clokie is someone who has made a difference through the work that he has done.

He is someone who has used his career to the benefit of others and who has touched lives in Canada. Cameron Clokie has worked as an oral and maxillofacial surgeon, as well as a scientist and an entrepreneur.

Through the time that he has spent working at his various jobs, he has made a difference. He is someone who has changed Canada for the better.

With three decades of experience working in the dental world, Cameron Clokie is someone who understands the work that is completed to deal with oral and dental needs. Read more: Dr. Cameron Clokie Gives His Quick Tips for Tooth Care While Traveling

Bloomberg revealed that Cameron Clokie is someone who knows what he is doing, and he is someone who has completed many successful projects. He is the CEO of a company that is focused on musculoskeletal regeneration.

Induce Biologies, INC works to find innovative solutions that will help with musculoskeletal regeneration, and Cameron Clokie has much to offer to that company. He is an expert who is able to lead that company in a smart way and in a way that helps it to help those who need all that it offers.

Cameron Clokie is someone who shares all of the information that he gathers, and he is someone who educates others in regard to all that he has learned. He does not keep those things that he learns to himself. Instead, he shares all that he learns with others.

He has written many papers and presentations, and he has used all that he has written to educate others. He is willing to share what he is learning with others so that they can become better at what they do.