Limecrime, Brought To You In Color, By Doe Deere

Doe Deere is an ambitious entrepreneur who started her own line of cosmetics called, “Limecrime”, after realizing that, the only makeup colors available for purchase, at the time, were all, basically dull, and natural looking.


A year later, in 2009, Doe launched her first successful product called, “Unicorn Lipsticks” and continued adding more products to her cosmetic line, all having bright and vivid colors, are cruelty-free, and vegan certified. Not to mention, that Doe and her employees, always test-wear the products themselves, before offering them to the public. Limecrime now has fan followings from all over the world.


What Makes Doe One Of The Best Role Models For Women Entrepreneurs?

After her success, Doe wanted to assist and mentor other women, who were also aspiring entrepreneurs, and so she began speaking at public events that included Vegas Nay’s Stardust Tours, as well as, PHAMExpo, and more, as she wants to be a good role model for other women just joining the business world. In 2016, Self-Made Magazine recognized her efforts and named Doe Deere, a top woman inspiring, Entrepreneur.


How Limecrime Got its Name

In 2004, before she created her makeup chain, Doe used Limecrime as the name of her DIY fashion line, eBay account than in 2008, it became her cosmetics line. She chose the name because lime-green is her favorite color, and, “crime,” came from the concept that, she wanted to create makeup, and nail polishes so bright and vivid, that they may as well be illegal to wear… also, it rhymes with lime.


An Artistic, Imaginative And Colorful Child, With A Little Bit, Entrepreneur

Doe Deere was born and raised in Russia. When she was 17, Doe moved to New York, where she majored in fashion design while attending FIT. Now, Doe resides in Los Angeles California.


As a child, Deere was artistic, very imaginative, and heavily into colors including paints, clothing, accessories, and her mom’s makeup, she often wore.


Doe claims, that she always had some entrepreneur in her, matter-of-fact, at 13, she started a business selling temporary tattoos, but her dream to become a musician, came true when she moved to New York and joined a band, which was also how she met her husband, who was a fellow band member ( During her time with the band, Doe learned a lot about marketing, which she utilized to start Limecrime.


Helping To Save The Animals

Because Doe has three cats, including two that she rescued, she claims that helping animals is a cause that remains close to her heart, and donates regularly to Bide-A-Wee, which is a non-killing animal shelter in New York that assists animals that have been abandoned by rehoming and rehabilitating them. Learn more:


Doe’s Mission

Doe’s mission is to prove cosmetics don’t only conceal imperfections, but they are also a form of self-expression as well as freedom.


The Great Career Of Bruno Fagali As A Lawyer

Bruno Fagali is a lawyer who practices law in Sao Paulo Brazil. Bruno has a law firm known as Fagali Advocacy. Bruno specializes in compliance, election issues, public law, and anti-corruption law. Bruno Fagali is highly educated and holds a master’s degree in administrative law, anti-corruption and state law from the University of Sao Paulo.

Bruno started working as a lawyer at the Office Model Dom Paulo Evaristo Arns, a law firm in Brazil. He started working as an intern. When starting he mainly dealt with civil procedural law. Most of the cases he handled were related to family law and issues of domestic violence. Bruno proceeded to seek training as an intern in other law firms such as “Manesco, Ramires, Perez, Azevedo Marques, Law Firm” and the “Tojal, Teixeira Ferreira, Serrano & Renault Associate Lawyers.” It is in these firm that Bruno earned experience in issues of administrative contracts, regulatory and bidding law.

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Bruno Fagali official duty as a lawyer was in 2012 when he joined Radi, Calil e Associados Law Firm. As an employee of the law firm, Bruno Fagali practiced administrative laws, public civil action and other areas of law. Bruno dealt with litigation cases that were presented at the “Court of Account and Public Prosecutors.”

Bruno Fagli later joined Nova/sb. He was appointed the corporate integrity manager of Nova/sb. Nova/sb is an advertising agency that upholds high ethical standards. His role in the organization is to ensure there is consistency in implementation of the corporate integrity program. He has a responsibility of ensuring that the agency is compliant with both the law and ethics. His operations revolve around the cities of Rio de Janeiro and Sao Paulo.

Bruno Fagali in 2016 started his law firm which continues to conquer the legal spheres in Brazil. As a lawyer, Bruno is known for upholding high integrity when dealing with client’s cases.

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Nathaniel Ru Of Sweetgreen Discusses The Rise Of His Sweetgreen Business

The story of Sweetgreen begins with a trio of college seniors from Georgetown University. They are Nathaniel Ru, Nicolas Jammet and Jonathan Neman. While in college, they often found that there was a lack of a place to eat healthy foods in an easy and fun manner. This gave them the idea to start their own restaurant which would eventually be called Sweetgreen.

The chain has a very interesting beginning and one that is typical of many American success stories. While studying at Georgetown University, the three students were renting an apartment from a landowner that was also the owner of a 560-foot tavern that they coveted to launch their own restaurant venture.

After daily calls, Nathaniel Ru and his friends managed to convince the landowner to give them a shot and let them lease her property to start a business.

The original proposed name for their restaurant was Greens. They eventually changed the name to Sweetgreen because they believe that everything you do should be done in a sweet manner. What Ru means by sweet a manner is that the service at Sweetgreen’s should be polite and courteous. Learn more about Nathaniel Ru:

Sweetgreen’s specialty is that it serves fresh and healthy foods that are made with local ingredients whenever possible. Eat fresh, eat local and eat healthy can be said to be a motto of Sweetgreen.

What started out as humble restaurant in D.C. has now expanded to well over 20 different restaurants in California, the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic.

Many major cities such as Boston, New York and Philadelphia have multiple Sweetgreen locations. The growth of Sweetgreen has led to some concern that the restaurant will just became another chain like Subway or Chipotles. Learn more about Nathaniel Ru:

To counter the idea that Sweetgreen is just another chain, the company is trying to make each location as unique and independent as possible says Nathaniel Ru. This includes incorporating local architecture and themes from the cities where each Sweetgreen restaurant is based. It also includes working with local farmers in the area.

In fact, Sweetgreen tries to source its ingredients from local farmers whenever possible to build a connection with the community that begins all the way in the farm fields, to the store and beyond.

Nathaniel Ru presently serves as one of the Co-CEOs of Sweetgreen. He graduated from Georgetown University with a bachelor of science degree in finance while he and his partners were launching Sweetgreen in D.C. He is based in New York City and oversees the East Coast operations of Sweetgreen.

How Todd Lubar Acquired His Success

Todd Lubar is among the most successful real estate moguls in Baltimore, Maryland. Though success does not come overnight, Lubar has his own story of the ups and downs he went through before he reached where he is today. Through Todd’s story, it is evident that hard work, determination and persistence are the keys to success.

Todd Lubar career journey began in 1995 after he graduated from the University of Syracuse with a bachelor of art degree in speech and communication. He got his first job at Crestar Mortgage Corporation where he executed his duties as a loan originator until 1999. He then proceeded to legacy financial group in Arlington, Texas. Mr. Todd Lubar facilitated the growth of legacy financial group-Maryland office and became a top producer of hundreds of million dollars per year in loan volume. Additionally, Todd maintained his position among the top 25 loan originator for several years. Visit Crunchbase to know more.

Mr. Lubar worked for Legacy group until 2005 when he joined charter funding as the senior vice president, a position he holds up to date. While working for charter funding, Todd decided to set up businesses on his personal account. During the 2007 to 2008 financial crisis despite spending much of his career in mortgage banking, Lubar established a commercial demolition service industry where he was able to acquire large contracts from some of the greatest general contractors in the country. He ventured in the recycling of automotive scrap metals business. The recycling business too did so well, and within a short period, it was being traded in the public market place. Mr. Todd also established other businesses like nightclubs industries and real estate development projects.

Currently, Todd Lubar serves as the CEO and the President of TDL ventures; a startup he established to help the needy people achieve their dreams. Mr. Lubar believes that for someone to succeed in helping the low-income earners attain their goals, he must first eliminate all the barriers that prevent such people from accessing loans. Check out Patreon to know more.

Lubar stays in Bethesda with his wife and his two lovely children. When he is not at work, he loves spending time with his family and traveling. Todd aspires to be a better person than he was yesterday and to add value to the lives of those people he comes across.

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Impressionable Facts About Bridget Scarr

The modern technology has led to a change of most digital related operations today, and a significant number of its changes have resulted in an enormous impact on the lives of many people. The great innovations and inventions that smart people have made are the basis for today’s developments in almost all the fields, including that of medicine, engineering, besides others. Bridget is one of the major contributors to the great revolution in the digital media, and her expertise in the field is as well the basis of the advancements that are now notable by many people in the area.

She has a lot of know-how in content creation, and she has over the past years used social media platforms and the internet to ensure that people view her various productions. Bridget is a go-getter and never turns back when it comes to creativity and innovation for development. Through her productions, the renowned producer has curbed boredom among people.

The huge demands of individuals have seen Bridget put her greatest effort towards offering them with unique content and products. Besides, the ever-changing technology has led to people craving for new things, and Bridget has not ceased to amaze them, with her exceptional creativity. Bridget`s creativity is second to none, and her significant achievements are notable by many. She has always provided the various generations with extraordinary innovations that have been pleasing to many.

Besides being a producer, Bridget is also a writer and has been a source of information and entertainment to many individuals. She is currently the executive producer at Colibri studios, where she plays a role in strategy and content development. She has always had a great belief in the impact of teamwork and has worked in collaboration with project partners, international broadcasters, as well as individuals with creative and admirable talents to bring ideas to life. Bridget is also a great listener and has over the past years paid a lot of attention to people’s ideas, and through them, she has understood the preferences of her audience. She is always impressed by the role that technology has played in peoples lives and receives it to be the greatest revolution of all time, especially due to its ability to make hard operations much easier and faster to conduct. She also urges people to be robust enough to forego failure and learn from their mistakes as lamenting can lead to low performance and more failure.


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The Power Of Securus Technologies In Improving U.S. Correctional Facilities

Technology helps and empowers companies and individuals. Without the powerful, convenient and improved technology we have right now, we probably wouldn’t be able to reach the achievement and success that our entire world experiences. I think this drive to tap technology to change the lives of others and improve the systems of the world is what’s driving Securus Technologies in innovating solutions to the correctional facilities in the United States.


Securus Technologies, Inc is the brainchild of CEO Rick Smith and is right now a leading provider of various innovative solutions to all the problems of correctional facilities. Securus’ headquarters operates in the main district of Dallas, Texas, and you can find its four fully functional regional offices in the metro area of Dallas, while one regional office of Securus is in Atlanta, Georgia.


I think it’s impressive that Securus Technologies can provide the best parolee tracking, government information management solutions and detainee communications for the approximately 2,600 correctional facilities all across the United States and overseas, including Mexico and Canada. I also think that the actual test of success that Securus Technologies delivers the quality services expected of them is the feedback it receives from satisfied clients involved in law enforcement communities and corrections.


The Customers Show Their Satisfaction

I think it’s impressive to know that the people affected by the solutions from Securus actively demonstrate their gratitude. In the PRNews article, a collection of email and messages between Securus’ clients and the company show that there’s a lot of positive changes in the lives of the people because of the LBS software that Securus has.


By emailing Securus of how their software considerably improved their lives, client’s comments also confirmed that the customers who were able to use the criminal justice technology suite of Securus are satisfied. They’re also grateful of how its programs prevented crimes and helped in the investigation of cases inside the correctional facilities.