The Advancements in Orange Coast College

An article in the Los Angeles Times titled, “Retired professor donates $1 million for new planetarium at Orange Coast College” states that professor Mary McChesney gave a very generous gift to the Orange Coast College and they used the money to build a Foucault Pendulum.

The planetarium will help the students with their research about the rotation of earth anything related to astronomy. Mary McChesney made the donation to Orange Coast College to honor Adelyn Bonin because Bonin was a professor at OCC till the day she retired in 1983.

According to Orange Coast College, this has not been the first McChesney has donated money to the college. apparently she is notorious for giving money as she has contributed a lot towards the foundation and many scholarships.

The new planetarium will have an auditorium that can seat over 120 people and the previous planetarium could not even seat over 50 people.

The expected cost of the planetarium is close to 19 million dollars and Orange Coast College has received over 2 million dollars in donations. The completion date of the planetarium is expected to be close to the 2018 school year.

Orange Coast College was founded in 1947 and there are around 23,000 undergraduates enrolled in the college that are currently pursuing their Associate’s degree. The college is located in the county of Costa Mesa in California and it is located south of Los Angeles.

Orange Coast College has many engaging clubs and many competitive sports teams. Since it is a community college, there is no on-campus housing, however, there is a very nice often for off-campus housing with very sophisticated apartments.

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