Nathaniel Ru’s Unique Strategy For Sweetgreen’s Unique Brand

To look at the immensely popular and successful salad chain, Sweetgreens one might very well pause and ask themselves how on earth a restaurant that serves absolutely nothing but salads and fruit beverages could possibly have picked up so much steam.

The answer to this question is to be found in the philosophy of its founders, Nathaniel Ru, Jonathan Neman and Nicolas Jammet, who had taken their brand in a decidedly peculiar direction.

Whereas most food chains focused on creating a catching jingle, a memorable mascot and getting the cheapest food products possible, Jammet, Neman and Ru decided to forgo the jingle and mascot and instead opt for direct store-to-farm produce acquisition. Instead of buying frozen produce and shipping it in through various mediators they decided to focus on improving the local small farm businesses by buying direct from Washington area farmers.

Not only did this move greatly benefit the local community via bolstering the financial health, stability and reputation of various local farms and farmers – thus, indirectly increasing interest and respect from the community at large – the move also cut out the middle-man and allowed the company to grow as a horizontally integrated entity.

In addition to Nathaniel Ru, Neman and Jammet’s peculiar marketing strategies was the idea to design, organize, book and host a music and produce festival called Sweetlife, sponsored, of course, by Sweetgreen. The Sweetlife festivals, the first of which took palce as early as 2011, functioned as a sort of fusion between the seemingly disparate worlds of music, healthy eating and communal festivity.

Though initially unsuccessful due their seeming strangeness, Nathaniel Ru persisted in holding the events in tandem with the growth of his and his partner’s company and soon Sweetlife was a smash hit success that was able to host the likes of such well known musical sensations as Kendrick Lamar, the ethereal and retro electronica artist Grimes and Blondie.

In this fashion of fusing local, organic, healthy produce, music, festival and slick, crisp and aesthetically appealing restaurant chains, Sweetgreen was able to become much more than just another trendy eatery; it became a lifestyle sensation.

One which continues to attract a great deal of attention to this day and looks as if it is poised for even larger leaps and bounds in the fast-paced world of the American food industry.

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The Achievements of Boraie Development

The Provident Bank Foundation and the Boraie Development will release free summer movies this summer. The movies that will be featured include Frozen, Extra Terrestrial, Despicable Me, Babe, Monster University, and Aladan. These movies are scheduled on different days. Each movie will start at 10:30 AM. The tickets are free. This means that the six movies will be offered free of charge. The young people are scheduled to enjoy the films with their families. They can also enjoy the movies at summers camps and other places. The movies will mainly be performed at the State Theatre. This is a great place for live performances in New Jersey.

The two foundations are proud to sponsor the excellent series that will give local families and young people a chance to enjoy watching them. They are both excited to sponsor these shows at the State Theatre. The shows at the theatre will be free of charge. They aim to reach and entertain more than 7500 families. Boraie Development is a firm that offers distinct services in the development of real estates in many urban areas. They cover areas such as property management, real estate development, and marketing. The teams at Boraie Development are dedicated and committed to building unique properties. They provide excellent services to clients. They work with the strongest financial companies and architects who have a clears vision. They also work with qualified contractors who have enough resources to purchase tools and meet the deadlines. They work to ensure that they have completed all projects on time.

Omar Boraie has thirty years of experience in real estate development. They have ready capital and the ability to do every project that is assigned to them. The management of the assets includes customer service, administration, maintenance, leasing, and marketing. The local sale team is conversant with the strategies that are required in marketing. They have sold more than $150 million in both commercial and residential buildings. The sales team of the company knows the factors that are required to keep the sale going in the field. They attend many seminars, workshops, and conferences to learn new skills and to look for clients. They are proud to own the Aspire. This is a new rental owner who gives the people of New Brunswick great luxury. The profit has increased due to their commitment and hard work over the years.

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Kim Dao Hangs Out With Peach Milky And Mimei In Shinjuku

Vlogger Kim Dao has made become friends with a ton of YouTubers in Tokyo. Luckily for us, Kim often videotapes and posts her experiences with her girlfriends on YouTube. To check out one of these vlogs, just search for, “Hanging out in Shinjuku with friends! | Game Centres & Karaoke | Kim Dao.”


At the start of the video, Kim Dao tells us that she’s planning on meeting Mimei and Sophie (aka Peach Milky) for lunch. She says it’s been very difficult for Sophie to maintain her vegetarian lifestyle since she’s moved to Japan. Mimei, who’s also a vegetarian, wants to help Sophie out. Learn more:


Kim Dao rushes through Shinjuku Station to get to the east exit. She finally arrives at The Smile restaurant where she meets Mimei and Sophie.


Sophie is wearing both a Gryffindor shirt and scarf. When Kim Dao compliments Sophie on her clothes, Mimei gets a little jealous.


For her meal, Kim orders an avocado mozzarella burger with fires and a salad. Sophie and Mimei both ordered veggie burgers.


After lunch, Kim and her friends go to Game Taito Station. Both Mimei and Kim Dao try unsuccessfully to grab some plush toys in the claw machine games.


A few moments later, Kim Dao takes a few photos at a purikura with Sophie and Mimei. Kim Dao says all the pictures came out really good.


Once they’re done at the purikura, Kim Dao searches for a cheap karaoke booth. They find one for only ¥200 per hour including drinks.


At the end of the video, Kim Dao and her friends visit a ¥100 Store and buy a few goodies. Visit here:

The Advancements in Orange Coast College

An article in the Los Angeles Times titled, “Retired professor donates $1 million for new planetarium at Orange Coast College” states that professor Mary McChesney gave a very generous gift to the Orange Coast College and they used the money to build a Foucault Pendulum.

The planetarium will help the students with their research about the rotation of earth anything related to astronomy. Mary McChesney made the donation to Orange Coast College to honor Adelyn Bonin because Bonin was a professor at OCC till the day she retired in 1983.

According to Orange Coast College, this has not been the first McChesney has donated money to the college. apparently she is notorious for giving money as she has contributed a lot towards the foundation and many scholarships.

The new planetarium will have an auditorium that can seat over 120 people and the previous planetarium could not even seat over 50 people.

The expected cost of the planetarium is close to 19 million dollars and Orange Coast College has received over 2 million dollars in donations. The completion date of the planetarium is expected to be close to the 2018 school year.

Orange Coast College was founded in 1947 and there are around 23,000 undergraduates enrolled in the college that are currently pursuing their Associate’s degree. The college is located in the county of Costa Mesa in California and it is located south of Los Angeles.

Orange Coast College has many engaging clubs and many competitive sports teams. Since it is a community college, there is no on-campus housing, however, there is a very nice often for off-campus housing with very sophisticated apartments.

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Kate Hudson: Dressing the World With Fabletics

Kate Hudson has brought forth something that is going to bring a lot of changes to the world of fashion. Her company, Fabletics, may have been started in the U.S., but it is part of a company that seeks to have a global influence in fashion. TechStyle is the parent company of the Fabletics brand, and it is hoping to influence the world of fashion in more ways than just the styles and designs. TechStyle is hoping to inspire other fashion retailers to make sure that they are up to date in their ethics. For one thing, it is not considered a good thing if people are profiting at the expense of others.


Fabletics tries to make sure that the company is ethical in everything it does. One of the common issues with fashion companies that get exposed is that the companies that offer low prices on their products are getting their products made in some of the worst conditions. This is done to save money on the production of items and to be able to charge customers less for the products. Fabletics makes sure that the clothing is designed and put together in some of the best working conditions possible. They use other methods to save their customers money.


The method that Fabletics uses to save money is making sure that the company is a primarily online venture. Another thing it does is get the customers involved through paid membership. Fabletics keeps up with each individual customer so that it has enough information to get an idea on what the customer wants. One issue that companies have is the overhead. A lot of products are not selling simply because they are not what customers want. As a result, they lose money. The approach that Fabletics takes allows them to sell a greater percentage of the products they make.


After being an online success, Fabletics has decided to launch their first set of physical shops. This allows them to reach the customers who are not that keen on shopping online for various reasons. As a result, people are able look at what is available and even try them on before buying them.