George Street Photography Indianapolis

George Street Photo and Video Address Locations is located in two Indianapolis locations: up north at 222 W. Michigan Street, Indianapolis, IN, or down south at 7425 N Keystone Ave, Indianapolis, IN.

Indianapolis has some of the most beautiful wedding photo opportunities downtown:

  • Apple Works Orchard Apple Works Orchard is perfect for the fall. For the nature lovers, Apple Works provides a small lake, bride, apple fields, pumpkins, and dozens of beautiful trees during the fall season. Plenty of opportunities to take some colorful photos if you go at the right time.
  • Broad Ripple Broad Ripple is a popular hipster location for the artsy. It provides plenty of beautiful, historical buildings to capture great shots. This is definitely a scene for those in love with music and art.
  • Butler University Butler is well known for is natural beautiful. Being a very artist and music school, there’s plenty of art to capture a wonderful shot. Not to mention the popular lake, fountain, and bridge that couples love to spend time at.
  • IMA The IMA is by far a favorite with a wide range of natural and historic beauty. Couples have plenty of opportunities at the lake, the fountains, gardens, or even the amazingly beautiful historic white house and its sculptures. This will not disappoint.


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