Rick Shinto’s management Strategies

InnovaCare is a leading provider for healthcare managed services. The company provides two primary services including Medicaid and Medicare Advantage plans and provider networks. The company is headed by Rick Shinto, who is the CEO of the facility.

Since Rick Shinto joined the company, in the year 2012, the company’s clientele has grown to over 250,000 loyal subscribers. This is a big achievement, considering that he has only been with the company for five years. So, it sparks the question, what strategy does he use to achieve so much success in such a short time?

Teamwork is the answer. Rick Shinto is a strong believer in the power of teams. He believes that if he is able to form teams and influence them to work towards a similar vision, then attaining success will be really easy. Therefore, he strives to empower his people so that they are motivated to serve their clients on even higher levels. Read more about Rick at Intelius

Shinto also ensures that the company patients come first. He puts the patients above everything else and urge all the employees to do the same. In fact, Shinto and others in the management team recently agreed to incorporate a model that would help to reduce prices of their services but still maintain quality.

The exemplary management skills exhibited by Rick Shinto were learnt in school an also through real life career experience in various leadership positions within the industry. He obtained his master’s degree in Business Administration, from the University of Redlands. This gave him the knowledge to manage people in his industry.

As for his career experience, Rick Shinto has worked in a number of organizations and companies, acquiring the experience that has gotten him to the top of the industry. Although he started out as a pulmonology internist, this did not deter him from quickly rising the career ladder. In the past, he worked with MedPatners, NAMM and Cal Optima. And, prior to joining InnovaCare, Shinto was working for Aveta Inc. He was employed at the company as the CEO since the year 2008 to the year 2012. Learn more about Rick on xrepublic.net.

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