At Securus Technologies Safety Is The Name Of The Game

When correction facilities need help with solving and preventing crimes, they call in the experts, Securus Technologies. Securus Technologies is the best in the industry, and they use technology and their techniques to help these facilities to solve and prevent crimes, even they break out between inmates.


In order for the public to know more about what their company does, Securus Technologies published an article that is detailed and information about their company and its mission. The article is interesting, and it also has a section that is filled with comments from officials at a variety of the facilities that Securus Technologies has dealt with. These comments show how important their work is, and what it does for the facilities. The company also invited several people to attend a presentation at their headquarters in TX. This presentation will allow people to see the latest technologies that they are working on in real life. It will be both exciting and interesting.


Securus Technologies is a company that is the leader in a tough industry, and they believe in what they do. They are always be asked t help out with a variety of companies across the nation, including the government. Since they have the ability to create new and interesting technologies in an attempt to prevent and solve both civil and criminal crimes, they are able to assist in a variety of ways. Every day, they deal with over a million prisoners by using incident management, investigation, videos and a lot more to keep everyone safe in the environment. As the company looks towards the future, they will continue to make the world a better place. Their employees are professionals that are dedicated to their mission, and they will strive to make the world a safer place for everyone. With determination and expertise, they will continue to lead in their industry, and people will want to follow them to know what they are doing to help.

IAP Worldwide Services Succeeds Purchases two Business Units from DRS Technologies

IAP Worldwide Services is thrilled to announce the acquisitions of two DRS Technologies’ business units. They include the Oklahoma City-based Aviation and Logistics business unit and Tactical Communication and Network Solutions (TCNS) situated in Aberdeen Proving Ground. A&L offers aircraft repair management, logistics, and mission support services across the world. TCNS specializes in engineering, IT services, and communication support to the Department of Defense in the United States. IAP will incorporate the unique competencies of the acquired DRS Technologies’ business units as part of its long-term development plan.

IAP’s Chief Operating Officer, Doug Kitani claims that the acquisition will help the company increase its capabilities to provide personalized services and expand its market base. In turn, IAP’s addressable market will grow by more than double. The acquired DRS Technologies’ business units on will integrate with IAP’s National Security unit to form a new unit, Aviation & Engineering Solutions. The acquired business units bring an added layer of expertise that fits IAP Worldwide Services. The acquisition allows IAP Worldwide to expand its portfolio of services and solutions to the United States and nongovernment agencies.

Doug Kitani, the CEO of IAP Worldwide points out that IAP Worldwide Services has established an organic development platform that will focus on customer satisfaction, continuous innovation, and adoption of the lean concept. Doug Kitani added that the acquisition exhibits IAP’s commitment to providing reliable solutions and services to its government customers. It also shows how IAP’s investors are willing to support the company’s mission.

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IAP Worldwide Services, Inc. announces the acquisition of two business units from DRS Technologies, Inc.

About IAP Worldwide

IAP Worldwide Services is a leading global-scale services provider with over six decades of experience in providing technical and logistical services across the world. IAP Worldwide offers a broad spectrum of services and solutions to the US government and international organizations on Hoovers. As a global-scale leader in providing management services, IAP Worldwide capitalizes its extensive experience to provide innovative, user-friendly, and safe solutions to meet its customers’ needs. As such, IAP Worldwide can address diverse, complex challenges experienced by its clients. IAP’s corporate office is located in Cape Canaveral, FL. Besides, the company has over 100 branches in 20 countries across the world.

Readiness Management Support is an affiliate of IAP World Services. The unit specializes in the development of air traffic control systems. It also supports the US Department of Defense accomplishes its mission. Readiness Management Support took part in the revitalization of Kabul Air Control system. The system was officially launched on 12th July to provide flight rule services.

Norka Luque: a Brilliant Venezuelan Artist

The music industry has grown tremendously over the years recording high numbers of talented artists from distinct walks of life. Most of the artists have inspiring stories, passion and characters while others are surrounded with lots of controversies. One of the musicians that have made an amazing and huge impact in creating positivism within the music industry is Norka Luque. She is a Venezuelan nationalist and currently resides in Miami, Florida. Norka discovered her singing talent at a very tender age. Fortunately, she had supportive guardians who allowed her to join musical training classes that entailed piano, ballet, flamenco and voice practice.

Her Education and Music Career

Academic wise, Norka Luque is well established. She was a committed and dedicated student and eventually received high honors Degrees in business administration, fashion, culinary arts and marketing. Although studies were significant in her life, music was her true calling. While pursuing her studies in France, Norka joined the Bad Moon Rising band, a band group that performed frequently in most of the French dance clubs. The band group had a reggae twist with rock and roll sound and this sound was famous and cherished by most clubbers.

In 2007, Norka attended the Ricky Martin concert and this got her inspired. It is at this time that she resolved to relocate to the United States. Ricky Martin was her role model since childhood and he represented the type of hits that Norka loved. Upon moving to Miami, she was hired by one of the prominent dance clubs situated along the Miami strip. With an appealing voice, Norka developed her own unique Latin style that made her recognized as a great singer.

The Next Big Step in Norka’s Career

Norka had many fans that admired and appreciated her pieces of work in music. The word spread quickly along Miami strip that Norka had the voice that Emilio Estefan was searching for. Emilio Estefan is a legendary and renowned music producer in charge of Miami sound machine. Emilio invited Norka to his studios and upon listening to her voice he was perfectly convinced that Norka had what it takes to be a musician. He immediately signed a contract with her and this was the turning point for Norka luque’s career. Since then, Norka has been working under the direction of Emilio and this has bore amazing results. In 2011, she released her first single that was rated on the top of the Billboard Charts curve. Through her songs, Norka has managed to give hope to the hopeless that one day they will have a breakthrough.

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Three Years Worth of Success for Town Residential

In the three years that Town Residential has been in business, they have been extremely successful. They have worked hard in that time and this has allowed them to be as successful as possible with the business that they do. They also make sure that they work hard to satisfy all of their clients no matter what part of the business the client is a part of or what type of real estate property they are trying to find. They want to make sure all of their clients are satisfied and that they treat them all the same way.


Land developers are some of Town Residential’s biggest clients. They are the ones who are always there for Town and they have been able to hook them up with some of the best land in the city. They know where the right properties are and they know that it is a good idea to always look at old complexes to make sure that they are getting what they can out of what New York City has to offer. The land developer sector of Town has allowed the company to make a lot of connections that allow them the first choice of different land areas.


Businesses also rely on Town to find properties that will work well for them. Whether it is a small office space in Soho or an entire floor of a building right on the Hudson, Town Residential has been able to help their clients with all of the needs that they have. They want to make sure that their clients are satisfied and that they get the best business opportunities for them. This has allowed Town to become one of the biggest commercial real estate firms in the city and allows them to continue growing in the business section of their agency.


Personal properties are the main source of income for Town Residential. The company works with individuals as well as families to make sure that they can give them what they want in the city. Whether it is a brownstone on the Upper East Side or a quaint apartment in Williamsburg, they are able to provide help to people all over the city. They are especially skilled at finding specifics for all of their clients. They can help them get what they need no matter what it is and no matter where they are at in the city.


This has allowed them to grow immensely. In three years, they have gotten more than what many real estate agencies have gotten in three decades. They have not only been able to give their clients the best of the best but they have also been able to show off their skills to more potential clients, allowing them the chance to get what they want out of their real estate search. It has allowed many different opportunities for people who want to be able to get different types of real estate in Manhattan which can be hard for people to find.


Building a Business

There are few people who have the work ethic needed to build a major business from the ground up. James Dondero has built Highland Capital to be one of the largest investment companies in the world today. Highland Capital has a diverse customer base, and over the years they have become a major force in the investment industry. After the last recession, many investment firms lost their customers. People no longer trusted the major banks, and this was a huge hit to the industry. There are a lot of people who look up to what James Dondero has accomplished. In a recent report, it was announced that he is now a passive owner in another major company.

James Dondero is one of the most popular business owners in the country today. A lot of people in the industry look up to what he was able to accomplish while he was at Highland Capital. This is a great example of how much one leader can affect a company. Over the years, he was able to develop a great culture at the company that he built. This made customers feel more at home, and only the best workers were allowed to stay. This culture helped the company grow while others were declining.

Dondero knows what it takes to succeed in the world of business. There are few people who have been able to accomplish what he has in a short period of time. Anyone who is looking for help with their investments should consider going to Highland Capital. They have a huge staff of people who are willing to help out in any way possible. There are a lot of people who go there for both investment and financial advice. If you need help in this area, this is the company for you.

In the future, the company wants to continue to expand at a rapid pace. There are a lot of people who are working to make sure this happens. You can bet that James Dondero will not be led by fear, but of his passion to grow.


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Talk Fusion is Shares Online Video Production with the Masses

When it comes to cutting-edge video marketing, talk fusion is at the forefront. Leading the way with video email, video newsletters, video chat, live meetings and sign-up forms, a business that subscribes to their services has access to the most advanced marketing. This is one of the reasons direct selling with Talk Fusion is the best home business opportunity today.

Video Email

Talk Fusion became the first to release video email when its founder, Bob Reina joined forces with an IT genius in 2004. Video email became one of the products the company used to become the 8th largest internet video provider. Beginning with 10 second videos, Talk Fusion has transformed the world of internet marketing by making it possible for anyone to produce their own video email for private or business use.

Other Online Video Products

That is just the beginning of the products offered by Talk Fusion. Video newsletters, video chat, live meetings, video auto-responders and video blogs are also available to develop and distribute. This can all be done after logging in to the Talk Fusion website. Each of the products can be accessed by following the icons clearly represented on the site. Videos can be made directly from your webcam. They can also be taken from memory or the site’s various libraries. For the page’s layout, a library of templates makes it easier to create a video environment that suits your needs. You can also create your own templates to store in the library.

Sign-up Forms

Talk Fusion has a great collection of sign-up forms that can be used with your video email to perpetuate distribution. From this large variety of forms, you will find the one appropriate for your newsletter, blog, live meeting, email, etc. Choose from the simple to the detailed, requesting the information you need to collect.

The Business Opportunity

For a small investment you can begin earning money with Talk Fusion offering its products to businesses and individuals. It’s the only direct selling business that pays the same day for each sale. Leverage your income potential by developing a team and override each sale. Your earning’s potential goes up to the millions.

Talk Fusion has created a marketing avenue millions are capitalizing on worldwide. Businesses and private individuals are taking advantage of video production for advertising, selling and simply making communications fun. Talk Fusion has opened the door to one of the most exciting and lucrative developments this decade. The prospect of what their next development will be is even more exciting.

Kenneth Goodgame Operations Genius

Kenneth Goodgame is the Senior Vice President (SVP) and Chief Merchandising Officer of True Value Hardware Corporation. Kenneth has specialized with much success in Operations Management. He has managed to turn around failing companies by using a combination of business strategies such as innovative marketing and ensuring excellent financial oversight. He is a bona fide leader and has taken on many companies regardless of their size. He will do as good a job with a million dollar company as with a billion dollar company. Kenneth Goodgame has more than thirty years’ experience which counts a lot in management. His experience gives him an edge since he can see a lot in the market where others cannot and if they see it, they often act inappropriately.

Goodgame was named SVP and CMO in 2013 and has accomplished incredible feats at the firm since then. He completely transformed the purchasing department at True Value and replaced almost half of the team. The buying team has gone from 2% saving to 10% savings in purchasing costs each year since Kenneth took over. Kenneth has overseen over 2 billion in global purchasing at True Value Hardware which has grown so large as a result of his five-year strategic plan to promote sales growth. He is not afraid of change, a fact proven by the fact that he rebuilt the whole merchandising team at True Value. He is head of global sourcing, pricing, labeling, and marketing at True Hardware. His marketing initiatives are very innovative. He wears many hats at the company all with the same end: success.

A key ingredient in Mr. Goodgame’s success is employee participation. Everyone working at the firm needs to know that they are part of a team with a common goal. He ensures everyone is accountable for his or her actions and compensation is based on performance. Quality needs to be of the highest caliber in purchasing processes and materials acquired. Mr. Goodgame’s road to success has not been easy, but he has been able to weather all the storms. He will surely approach his next job with the same mindset.

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Eric Pulier: Businessman Meets Renaissance Man

Eric Pulier is the modern day Renaissance Man. Hailing from Harvard University, Pulier takes on the titles of entrepreneur, technologist, philanthropist, columnist, and public speaker. To add to this list of impressive headlining trades, he is also perhaps most notably, the founder of over fifteen companies.

Eric Pulier was born and raised in the quaint town of Teaneck, New Jersey where the ability for Renaissance Man potential began to surface from a young age. He initially started programming computers in the fourth grade, and by high school, had established his own database computer company. Pulier then went on to attend the prestigious Harvard University. There, he delved into English and American Literature, the Computer Sciences, as well Visual and Environmental Studies, while also balancing additional classes from the neighboring MIT. Despite his academia-rigorous schedule, Pulier also served as both editor and columnist for the school’s paper, The Harvard Crimson. He graduated magna cum laude in 1988.

In 1991, Pulier moved from the East Coast to the West, where he settled in Los Angeles, California and founded People Doing Things- a company focused on addressing education, healthcare, and other issues via the use of technology. In 1994, he founded Digital Evolution, which then merged with US Interactive LLC in 1998. Besides his own business ventures, which also include Desktone, Akana, and Media Platform, in addition to the service-oriented architecture book he co-authored, Understanding Enterprise SOA, Pulier has also been extremely operative in his efforts for activism.

Starbright World, a private social network that allows chronically ill children to chat, blog, and connect with others who share similar experiences, was one of the first of many activism projects. Pulier’s other endeavors include the Campaign for Free College Tuition, the XPRIZE Foundation, the ACE Foundation, and the Clinton Global Initiative. In 1997, Pulier was chosen by the Presidential Inaugural Committee to develop and implement the Presidential Technology Exhibition, “The Bridge to the 21st Century”, to be held in our nation’s capital. The event was a success, and following its exhibition, Pulier took to participating in-then Vice President Al Gore’s health and technology initiative forum.

In addition to project development, Mr. Pulier is a financial donor to a profusion of enriching charity organizations. Presently, he serves on the board of The Painted Turtle, a summer camp for children with chronic illness. He still resides in the bustling city of Los Angeles, where he lives taking on, perhaps the most rewarding of Renaissance Man roles, fathering his four children.

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Diversant Has A Unique Way Of Working

It is true that Diversant has a unique way of working. This information technology company is know for using the newest technology that is on the market today. Many similar companies use the cheapest technology on the market because they want to spend less and make more. However, Diversant is about helping companies not helping themselves. They have an entire department dedicated to finding the newest IT technology on the market. Some of this technology comes from different countries. With that said, Diversant uses certain technology that cannot be found anywhere else. They believe this is what separates them from similar companies.

Diversant also works in a unique way by offering their services 24 hours a day. This includes weekends and holidays, too. If a company has some sort of IT problem, Diversant will have someone on the scene within the hour. This 24 hour service also includes there wonderful customer service department. The individuals working in this department know all about Diversant and the IT industry in general. These individuals are very nice people, and they have all received a great deal of customer service experience before being hired by Diversant.

The person who runs Diversant is John Goullet. John loves the IT industry, the marketing industry, and helping the general public. He put all of these together when he became the manager of Diversant. Goullet hired the best professionals that new how to use the finest equipment on the market upon his arrival. This drove sales up 90%.

In addition to hiring the best professionals on the market, John created a program for young men and women wanting to get involved in IT work. This internship-like program has opened doors for hundreds and hundreds of young people to fill up their bank accounts. Most of these individuals were able to get a full-time job out of the deal, too.

With his great marketing experience, John Goullet put together the marketing plan of a lifetime. In no time at all, Diversant was doing more business than it had ever seen, and this was accomplished in less than one year.

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“Magic Mike” Role Shows Crystal Hunt Is Still Moving Forward In Her Career

Crystal Hunt is known by many in the world of TV and movies for her powerful performances in many different roles that she has been creating since she was a teenager. In recent years, Crystal Hunt has taken her performances to many different genres and media as she continues on her impressive journey to the top of the acting profession; Hunt has become a reality TV star with the “Queens of Drama” show and conquered the movie industry with a featured role in “Magic Mike: XXL”.

Despite working consistently throughout her career Crystal Hunt remains best known for her soap opera performances in “Guiding Light” and “One Life To Live”. The Clearwater, Florida native had already worked with Disney and on major public service announcements when she arrived on the set of “Guiding Light” to create the role of Lizzie Spaulding, which would see her nominated for a Daytime Emmy. The need for new challenges has been a constant theme in the career of Crystal Hunt who left “Guiding Light” after only three years as Lizzie Spaulding. Hunt would return to the soap opera industry soon after and take on the iconic role of Stacy Morasco, which could not have been further from that of her earlier soap incarnation.

After leaving “One Life To Live” Crystal Hunt developed a number of different career choices for herself, including the opening of a pet boutique in Clearwater. Despite her business success Crystal has continued to look for a route to the top of the entertainment industry, which has seen her look to movies and reality TV for her next challenges. In the movie industry Crystal Hunt has taken a major role in the “Magic Mike” franchise and also sought to develop her career as a producer with the movie “Talbot County”.